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OPTIMUM Pumping has developed PAN pulsation and efficiency solutions for popular single-stage packages commonly used in the Midstream transport systems employed by Marcellus Shale and others. These PAN systems fit conveniently on-skid and provide exceptional pulsation control and enhance the efficiency of the package to provide increased flow.

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Pulsation problems into and out of meters can easily be handled by applying a small tuned loop.  After measurements are taken to determine the extent and frequency of the pulsation, a model is created and a tuned loop designed to reduce the wave action at the fundamental frequency and all harmonics.  The result is a smooth signature into and out of the meter greatly reducing meter failure in the field.

Centrifugal Comp with PAN graphic Reciprocating Compressor Pipelines

An alternative to Bottle configurations, Manifold PANs used with Reciprocating Compressors  reduce pulsation with ZERO pressure loss and also can increase compressor efficiency, thereby increasing bottom line and shortening the project's ROI.
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As an alternative to Bottle configurations, PAN loops used with Centrifugal compressors reduce pulsation with ZERO pressure loss!  Additionally, they allow centrifugal compressors to run in parallel with Reciprocating compressors, they are easy to install, cost effective, and PAN's increase compressor reliability.

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