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With Marcellus and Utica at the forefront, the Midstream industry continues to face challenges in transporting energy to market. The midstream infrastructure that will solve these challenges is far from complete. OPTIMUM Pumping Technology's Performance Augmentation Networks (PANs) advances the midstream transport process by providing superb pulsation and vibration reduction without the penalty of reduced flow found in conventional bottle systems. In even the most popular midstream compressor packages, PAN technology can bring up to 20% increased flow - realizing over a half a million dollars per year in increased profits.
BEFORE: A Typical Bottle Package

Caterpillar G3516 & Ariel JTG/4.
(2) 6 inch cylinders
1 or 2 stage with 2 scrubbers
Header Bottles

ISSUES: Vibration and poor Efficiency

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AFTER: Refit Package with PAN System

Caterpillar G3516 & Ariel JTG/4.
(2) 6.75 inch cylinders
1 stage with 1 scrubbers
On-skid PAN System


Low Pulsation and Vibration
Increased Efficiency (Flow)
Greater Revenue
No Bottles. We use Standard Piping = Low Cost (new or replacement)
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