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OPTIMUM Pumping provides engineering design services to pipeline companies, compressor manufacturers, packagers and natural gas industry consultants and research and development organizations. Our design services complement our Performance Augmentation Network products. We employ a systems engineering, “model-based design” and multi-objective optimization approach to all of our projects. OPTIMUM Pumping has an exclusive license with our affiliated company, OPTIMUM Power Technology, to provide state-of-the-art design services to the natural gas industry. We use Virtual Pumping Station, the world's only one dimensional (1-D), real gas modeling and simulation design software, and Virtual 2-Stroke and Virtual 4-Stroke together with Automated Design and OPTIMUM Power's Network Supercomputer to deliver the best possible design services to all of our customers.

We have provided design services in the following areas:
spacer graphic bullet graphic  Reciprocating Compressor Designs
    2-Stroke and 4-Stroke Natural Gas Engine Design
spacer graphic bullet graphic  Complete Pumping Station Designs
spacer graphic bullet graphic  Gas Flow Meter Protection
spacer graphic bullet graphic  Pulsation Studies
500 Miller's Run Road • P.O. Box 509 • Morgan, PA 15064 • Phone: 412-257-9070 • Fax: 412-257-9011 • sales@optimum-pumping.com
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