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Virtual Pumping Station is a powerful simulation software product for the Natural Gas Pipeline industry. With it, we can design, simulate and optimize complete natural gas pumping stations predicting Power Consumption, Pulsation, Pressure Drop and more in an accurate, fast and user-friendly virtual environment.
Performance Augmentation Network (PAN) technology was developed with VPS. Developed by our Affiliate company, OPTIMUM Power Technology, OPTIMUM Pumping hold the exclusive rights for use and shares the rights to resell the product.
VPS' accuracy ensures that the simulation results are correct the first time. Contact us if your pipeline station has vibration or pulsation problems or if you wish to increase efficiency in your overall operation. 

Virtual  Pumping Station models: 

  bullet graphic  Reciprocating Compressors
  bullet graphic  Bottles with Choke Tubes, Orifice Plates, Scrubbers, etc.
  bullet graphic  Pocket Unloaders
  bullet graphic  Deactivation
  bullet graphic  Hydrocoms

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Product Information Sheets:

Virtual Pumping Station (PDF)

Automated Design Information (PDF - 115K)
Network Supercomputer Information (PDF - 169K)
Automated Design Expert System (PDF - 620K)
Multi-User Database Support (PDF - 41K)
Network Supercomputer (PDF - 318K)

Engine Technology International Article (PDF - 92K)
Benefits of an Expert System (PDF - 31K)
Product Updates

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VE-AD-NS graphic Take your simulation models to the next level with model-based optimization.

Automated Design and Network Supercomputer are tightly integrated additions to Virtual 2-Stroke, Virtual 4-Stroke and Virtual Pumping Station.

Automated Design provides multi-goal, multi-variable Design of Experiments automated optimization of your simulation models.

The Network Supercomputer adds a networked multi-user database and parallel processing of your optimizations to solve your design problems quickly and efficiently. 
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